Mission and Ethos

School Masters Mission

Our mission is to encourage and inspire children to enhance their learning skills, and provide them with a path to self-discovery.

Our Ethos

We believe that every child can excel at something, so we offer the broad range of cultural, and extra–curricular activities to help them find their niche.

One of the key principles that underpin School Masters is that of responsibility. Students are encouraged to be accountable for their actions and words and for the well being of others. They are also encouraged to accept responsibility for their academic performance from a very early age. Our students take their studies seriously and are proud of their achievements.

Bringing education to life
The commitment and energy of our teachers ensures that our students are enthusiastic and quick learners.  As well as being experienced and well qualified, our teachers have a passion for learning, which they communicate to our children.

Passion for Self-expression
Probably the greatest gifts children have are their  imagination and creativity. InSchool Masters we encourage all our students to build on these gifts, both in class and after.

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