SCHOOL MASTERS encourages and inspires individuals to enhance their learning skills, and provides them with a path to self-discovery.

What we offer:

  • A superb experienced staff
  • An innovative, proven program
  • A state of the art educational facility
  • All at an affordable price

SCHOOL MASTERS is an initiative by Institute for Bilingual Research, inheriting the legacy of the Sunflower Educational Center. SCHOOL MASTERS offers a nurturing and loving environment aiming to provide students with the resources to learn, evolve, socialize and mature into productive bilingual individuals. It enhances the skills necessary for success and personal growth and aims to enrich your personality.

We maintain close professional relationships with not-for-profit organizations, foundations, charities, as well as governmental agencies and corporations.

SCHOOL MASTERS is committed to uniting the community and providing professional services for the bilinguals of all ages and backgrounds. The center aims to engage the community, provide support and make everyone’s lives more fulfilling.

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